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Monday, October 3, 2011


Could obtain a Request for purchase of a status symbol in the dream decorating lingerie empire behind the have-nots "secrets".Everything is a surprise to his wife whether she was in her underwear in a store that is going to get ...
Stanford University graduate, businessman, Roy Raymond, as a man of so many women ashamed of selecting underwear wandering around the store ... Questions, looking at him strangely met, everyone thought that dealers are afraid.Him that his wife or her lover's underwear in the same situation when you thought might be more ashamed of thousands of men and has a brilliant idea: created the brand of your own underwear company. but many people could ever imagine primarily sexual objects to make even attractive underwear need  thought.For this, women need to do is to wear plain white underwear give up, just like England during Queen Victoria to wear frilly clothes to direct eye-catching. When opening a store in Raymond capital of 80 thousand dollars. 40 thousand dollars back to the bank debt relative to the remaining 40 thousand dollars gave.First time unpretentious designs are sold to middle-class women. But then the company's name by choosing the perfect-looking models "splashy eroticism" combined.Would carry the brand name of Queen Victoria: Victoria's Secret means Victoria's Secret.Roy Raymond ie, this idea forms the shape our minds well just opened a store at Stanford Business Center. Calendars show in 1977.Initially, unpretentious designs are sold to middle-class women. But then the company's name by choosing the perfect-looking models "splashy eroticism" combined. The company was going through at the first year, 500 thousand dollars profit. Raymond, Encouraged by this success, has opened 3 stores and a catalog-ordered through the sales began.About this time, Raymond, Victoria's Secret The Limited's Leslie, the creator of both Wexner'a sold for $ 4 million. This was the beginning of the end for him ... My Child's Destiny called in 1984, Raymond founded a children's magazine. But Victoria's spell broken for him anymore. The company began two years after the bankruptcy .Roy Raymond's fast and successful history that was the end of a mystery.Raymond August 26th 1993, the Golden Gate Bridge, down the left itself. In doing this, only 47 years old ..Today's most attractive and fantastic, Victoria's Secret lingerie brand exactly 1 week after the creator's body jumped out of the bridge on the San Francisco Bay found.In his died claim a lot of them were put forward, including Raymond, different preferences. However, Roy Raymond, the owner's death remained a mystery, but the company later Raymond'dan Leslie was lucky Wexner'a ... Wexner was elected several times already rich world's richest businessman.

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